Scaled to 100K/year + business within 6 months, Luxury clothing and Acessories brand based in USA.

problem statement

Brand was not generating enough revenue and ROAS


Website CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization)

A. Website Audit: We did a website audit and as per the audit gave the website a necessary overhaul required to build a successful e-commerce brand.
B. High Converting Structure: Created a high converting structure for the website & made some overall changes.

Facebook ads management

Reviewing Ad Account: We reviewed important metrics from time to time in order to revamp the campaigns and strategies to save the budget of the client from burning.
Redefining Target Audience and Ad creatives: If we analyse cost per clicks and CPMs are high then we worked on new creatives and new angles.
Implementing Scaling and Retargeting Process: In order to scale up the business and to get conversions from our abandoned customers, we invested our 10% of budgets in retargeting and lookalike.

Creative Research

A. Simplifying ad account structure: We simplified the entire ad account structure into prospecting and retargeting campaigns.
B. Regular testing: We regularly tested different elements whether it be testing out different ad angles, ad creatives or audience sets.
C. Diversification in campaigns: Testing out multiple product types with different audience sets in a single campaign helped us diversify our ad campaigns.

Results Achieved


Average ROAS


Sales per Month

Revenue Generated

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Interested? Let’s talk!

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