Sells Imported FMCG Products Online

problem statement

FMCG brand was struggling to bring stability in the business via online channels.

They were seeking a constructive approach to make the business profitable and improve on multiple angles related to different D2C metric for eg. Conversion rate, repeat customer rate, acquisition cost, engagement rate, etc


Creative & Copywriting Enhancement

We analyzed different ad strategies being used by top leaders in the industry and came up with marketing angles which can give us best metrics in terms of performance. This results in higher Click through rate(CTR), reduced Cost Per Click, improved engagement rate, higher conversions and other related metrics

Refining Audiences

Tried and tested various targeting options to figure out best performing audience and scale it further.
Goal is to come up with ads which beats the industry standards and helps convince our target audience to buy from us

Building correct Ad Account Structure

A. Simplified Ad Account Structure: We set up campaigns according to a structure which matches your business goal. Focusing towards sales, we launched campaigns focused towards just getting sales.

B. Regular Testing of different categories: As the brand had over 300+ SKU’s, we had to figure out our best performing categories + products with a potential to scale. We made a system to consistently test multiple products with different ad variations which resulted in us finding potentially scalable categories and products.

C. Highly Enhanced audience targeting: Audiences were organized and divided by interest, stage in the funnel, and cold/warm. We also excluded necessary audiences.This allows for better tracking, attribution, and organization.

Website CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization)

A. Website Audit: We first did a full website audit for the client because a website is essentially a businesses’ online home.
After doing the audit we derived that the website had some technical issues and needed to be updated visually in order to be more appealing to the user.

B. Theme Change: In case of shopify stores, themes have a huge impact on sales. We selected the right theme which could potentially bring about the best and desired results possible.

C. Additional Feature: Small features can have an astounding and big impact on sales of a website, For eg, we added Product ratings, customer reviews with a feature to add photos, better integrations with whatsapp, improved upsell systems to generate additional revenue.

Results Achieved




Average Roas


Ad Campaigns


Ad Spends

Results Achieved


We create a high quality experience by providing highly customized marketing solutions and help brands accomplish astonishing results.

Website CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization)

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Interested? Let’s talk!

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