Want to develop a website which gives great ROAS, Low Returns, Higher Profitability and High Conversion Rates.

So, here are some of the pointers that we have observed over time with our consistent analysis that could help you grow your website and do a good business-

  • Good looking layout:


One should be sharp about how the website looks, each and every section of the website needs to be customized like a funnel, it should be in a way that if people move from one section to another, they are totally convinced to buy from you. There should be a kind of story involved as well and how you portray your product is also of optimum importance.
Present the bestseller of each and every collection at the top, as you know and are totally aware about what will sell and what not. You just need to give your customers a highlight of what they need, put those products in priority for them. If you are already aware of your hot products try to showcase them more often and be smart enough to upsell.
There are multiple apps that could be used to upsell, you can provide a combination of products are can also provide option for complimentary product. Upsell is a really important factor and is really needed to be worked upon if you want to make good money.


  • Have offers on your website:


One needs to focus on prepaid orders as well, for example, you can have Paytm + Razorpay as a combination (as we have observed from our clients who are doing well and are making 1lac/ day, this combination works well), and give discounts for prepaid orders or make it free, you can charge for COD.



  • Good Niche:


One needs to beware that you can’t be able reach a good revenue with a good looking or aesthetic website, until and unless your product is in demand or the product is really good. You should have a good amount of engagement on your social media page and have built a community as well, only then one would be able to achieve these type of figures.