Helped a Handicraft Product and Ethenic Apparel Brand Generate Revenue of more than 1CR

problem statement

An Indian Handcraft & Ethnic Apparel Brand was facing issues with maintaining consistent revenue and needed help with improving ROAS.
The main goal was to build a reliable & scalable structure for the brand which can help them acquire customers easily.


Account Audit

A. Structure relied a lot of Dynamic Product Ads which isn’t reliable. It used to work well pre IOS 14 changes.

B. Combining & stacking multiple interest-based audiences in the same ad set. A structure needs to be set with targeting

C.Optimizing for the wrong events for their goals (add to carts and awareness rather than conversions)

D.More Creative testing was needed to diversify our reliability on few ads

Creative Enhancement

A deep competitor research was done to understand what’ working in the industry and new angles were created to sell the products better. This helped in improving CTR, reducing CPC and improving overall engagement for the brand.

Building High Converting Ad Account Structure

A. Customized Ad Account Structure: In case of this brand, a whole new structure for running ads was formed. We made this structure on the basis of targeting different audience sets on facebook which can be our potential customers.
We diversified campaigns on the basis of TOF, MOF and BOF. So there was different campaigns sets for cold audiences, retargeting, lookalikes, broad audiences, etc

B. Regular Testing – We regularized our testing process and we launch various campaigns + new ads to find the permutation and combination.

C. Categorizing Audience Sets – We made campaigns on the basis of different category of audience sets.

D. Focusing more on high performing categories – We focused on categories which performed the best and invested our spends + time on building a structure which can help leverage our products.

Refining Audiences

A. More Audience Set – Before setting the new ad account structure, we did an intense research on various audience targeting on facebook which came out to be hidden gems for the brand.

B. Exploiting FB Data Points (Lookalikes & Retargeting) – Post IOS 14, retargeting and lookalikes have been affected so we figured out a way to use this extra sets of audiences via using the data sources which are provided by facebook and found the combination which can work well for the brand.

Regular Optimization

We regularly check the whole ad account structure every 3-4 days and optimize accordingly.


We try not to put all eggs in one basket, so we try our best to follow a process which diversifies our campaigns and we try to generate revenue via different audiences. This is a good strategy but a lot of optimization is needed on regular basis to maintain all the campaigns.

Results Achieved


Increase in revenue

20 Lacs

Ad Spend (May – Jul)

1 Cr+


Revenue Generated

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Interested? Let’s talk!

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