Helped a FMCG Brand attain a ROAS of 7X+ with sales crossing over 7 Lacs/month

problem statement

The FMCG brand could’t find the right marketing partner to sell their products online. Product is mass acceptable but still they were facing adversities in selling it via prepaid mode. Brand could not afford COD as they had low margins and products would get wasted if RTO are present at a scale. They required help with scaling the business + making it viable as a model.


Fixing Website CRO : Fixing Bugs, Improving Speed, and Adding Modern Features

1. Website Audit: We analyzed the website structure and data to understand why our Conversion Rate was less than our market competitors. We found multiple metrics which were really off for eg. Conversion Rate, customer retention, Average Order Value, etc. We also do sample testing among friends and colleagues to find glitches/errors on the website front which customers may find and we also list our ways to understand what additions can results in enhancement of customer experience.

2. Mobile Friendly – Over, 80% of the brand’s customer base was coming from mobile which wasn’t optimized plus there were a lot of glitches in the interface while buying, We changed the store theme to a simplified structure so that it’s easy for mobile customers to buy as well.

3. Interactive Interface – In the website, it’s important people are able to find what they are looking for. Assisting your customer in that journey is really important. We introduced widgets and added communication (graphics, banners, content, etc) which helped a customers easily roam around + we also added whatsapp bots through which customer can interact with a live support for any help.

4. Better Product Viewing Layout – Earlier, our layout on the home page and collection page were smaller so customers were not clicking directly, simply providing a quick view layout and more information related to product on the home page, resulted in more conversions & clicks.
Sending customers to home/collection page over product page is better in terms of achieving higher AOV.

Sales Funnel Renovation

1. Optimizing towards sales: Instead of optimizing add to carts and awareness, we invested ad spend in campaigns with conversion objectives. We focused more towards sales than optimizing for other events. This saved our budgets and helped us refine customers so we focused our efforts towards acquiring highly interested customers only. This helped with improved Conversion Rate.

2. Made a customer acquisition process on the basis of customer journey stage: We made different communication and campaigns on the basis of customer’s buying stage. People who were in TOF who were are 100% new to the brand or are just checking or viewing had different communication related to info about the product.
People in the MOF, who are inquiring or know a little about the brand, had communication to build trust.
People in the BOF, who were in the final stage are introduced with more offers and we promoted customers reviews, product demonstration/info, etc.

Ad creation & Management

1. A change in style – We adjusted creatives as per trends and a fresh angle was given to promote the brand.

2. Improved messaging – We also did high quality copywriting + improve our points on ‘why us’ and helped customers clear their doubts in the first few interactions with the brand on social media.

3. Enhanced audience targeting – Brand needed to refine their targeting as earlier they were focusing on too broad of a market compared to focusing on a niche. We niched down to our exact target audiences which resulted in improved revenue.

4. Regular testing – As the SKU of the brand was big, we kept testing multiple categories and products proactively which helped us find hidden gems which could outperform our past best performing products/categories.

Social Media

1, Creating a social media strategy – We focused on creating content which helped us hype the brand among our followers and and we kept it informative + entertaining which resulted in improved engagement among our prospects as well. We also used a lot of promotions to get extra reach.

2. Posting High quality & engaging content – A big focus went on improving our standard of copywriting + creative content which is a must for a brand to stand out.

Results Achieved


Average ROAS


Ad Spend (Dec. – Jan)

7 lacs +

Sales per Month

Revenue Generated

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