Generated 32X returns on ad Spend Indian Ethenic Wear

problem statement

The owner had an offline presence. But due to mortally hazardous conditions of Covid-19, the revenue of the brand dropped. Consequently, therefore they bring forth the elaborative expansion of their roots to an online business where we came into the picture and helped the brand to establish their online presence.


High Converting Website Development on Shopify:

A. Theme Selection: We selected theme to create the store of the brand which has good UI/UX on mobile as well as desktops.
B. User Friendly Interface: We made sure that the layout of the website has user friendly interface as it helps to increase customer acquisition and loyalty.
C. Layouting: Generated a simple and easy to navigate layout of the website.

Creation of New Facebook Business Manager:

A. Creation of Ad Account: Created the ad account from scratch and made sure that payment method is set up properly
B. Pixel Setup: Pixel helps facebook to track and optimise the our data better.
C. Domain Verification: We verified the domain of shopify store on facebook backend
D. Setting up of Events: Setting events in the right order is important for any brand as it helps facebook to track our conversions.

Selection of right sets of products to promote

We analysed the right sets of products which had higher demand in the market and can scale up in future through our deep competitor research.

Ad Copy Enhancement

A. Deep Competitor Research: We analyzed different ad strategies being used by top leaders in the industry and trends that are giving high conversion rates in the market of our niche.
B. Right Ad Copy Creation: We came up with marketing angles which can give us best metrics in terms of performance. This results in higher Click through rate(CTR), reduced Cost Per Click, improved engagement rate, higher conversions and other related metrics. We tested out different ad creatives to analyse which ad angle is working best for the brand.

Facebook Ads Management

A. Reviewing Ad Account: We reviewed important metrics from time to time in order to revamp the campaigns and strategies to save the budget of the client from burning.
B. Redefining Target Audience and Ad creatives: If we analyse cost per clicks and CPMs are high then we worked on new creatives and new angles.
C. Implementing Scaling and Retargeting Process: In order to scale up the business and to get conversions from our abandoned customers, we invested our 10% of budgets in retargeting and lookalike.

Instagram Ads Management:

Targeting Right Audience: We helped the brand to make a momentum on their instagram through paid promotions where we targeted right set of audience.
Constant reviewing the growth: We had a constant eye over the engagement of instagram. We were successful in increasing the engagement by 85%.

Results Achieved


Average ROAS

2 lacs

Ad Spend (Jan-May)


Sales per Month

Revenue Generated

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