How We Helped a Women’s Activewear & Loungewear Brand reach their Goals

The brand wanted to act as a catalyst in one’s wellness journey by making women feel comfortable and confident in their clothing.

problem statement

The brands was doing a ROAS of 6X in July 2020.

For this business, being profitable with Facebook Ads was becoming more and more effortful, considering they were catering to limited audience base. With time, the situation remained unaltered but they were aware about the fact that Facebook ads work as an important source of traffic and a significant sales channel.


The mistakes that we distinguished:

  • Right interest were not being targeted
  • In a single Ad set, the focus was laid upon too many interests
  • Optimizing for the wrong events for their goals (add to carts and awareness rather than conversions)
  • Running outdated creatives expecting the good results

How we increased Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by 20x

“>After the account audit, we knew what we had to do:

Ad Creation

We modified their style, message and language of the creatives by involving right set of products that meet the demand of the targeted audience.

UI/ UX Enhancement

We revamped their website by optimizing sections and pages for high conversion rate.

Ad Account Structure

We simplified and organized adsets and audiences.

Funnel Optimization

We created a seamless funnel and designed a complimentary strategy.

Results Achieved

13 Lacs

Ad Spend



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Interested? Let’s talk!

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