Hidden charges of running an e-commerce business

When it comes to running an eCommerce business there are some apparent costs that make their way along. Sometimes these costs are unexpected and might feel like hidden costs.  There are two types of platforms where one sells when it comes to eCommerce business: first being your website and second one being a market place. […]

How to get 20X+ ROAS consistently in e-commerce!!

The question that first occurs is, what actually is ‘ROAS’? ROAS means, Return on Ad Spend. It is the amount of revenue one can generate with the amount spent on advertising. By keeping careful tabs on ROAS, ecommerce companies can make informed decisions on where to invest their ad dollars and how they can become more […]

How to get a 9% conversion rate on your store

Conversion; plays an important key role in ones paid search strategy, the reason being, if the visitors on your website are not turning into buyers then what’s one spending and advertising for. Conversion rate optimization enables one to maximize and finding ways to convince the maximum percentage of your website visitors to turn into prospects. […]

How to get 20X ROAS

Most eCommerce businesses use a handful of pointers to determine and measure their success rates, one such metrics is return on ad spend (ROAS).ROAS gives a deeper insight as to a specific campaign is paying off in financial terms or not. It tells you how much money you’re getting in return for what you have spent for […]

Make website which does 1 Lac/day:

Want to develop a website which gives great ROAS, Low Returns, Higher Profitability and High Conversion Rates. So, here are some of the pointers that we have observed over time with our consistent analysis that could help you grow your website and do a good business- Good looking layout:   One should be sharp about how […]

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