Assisted Tech/Electronic Accessories Brand

problem statement

Brand’s return on ad-spend(ROAS) kept reducing consistently, their account quality was decreasing, faced issues with scaling revenue, etc.


Website CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization)

A. Website Audit: We did a website audit to figure out & implement the necessary changes to the overall website structure i.e. required to build a successful online store.
B. High Converting Structure: Created a high converting website structure by implementing various necessary features on the website.
C. Mobile Friendly: Helped in building fully optimized mobile friendly website that’s easy to interact with.
D. Upsell/Downsell: We implemented strategies such as Upsell/Downsell to increase website’s AOV’s.

Ads Creative Enhancement:

A. Research and Analysis: We intensively analysed & researched about the competitors as to how they are marketing themselves and what kind of strategies they are implementing.
B. Building Hooks & No Brainer Offers: We created best value offers to grab customers attention leading to customer acquisition.
C. Ad Copy Creation: Created high converting ad copies keeping in mind as to how we can best show our USP’s to acquire customers.
D. Ad Creations: We specifically created ads on the basis of the consumer pain points & by portraying as to how the product would add value to their lives.
E. Analysis and Recreation of ads: Regularly analysing the ad account and creating new ads on the basis of the requirements.

Fixing Ad Account Structure:

A. Simplifying ad account structure: We simplified the entire ad account structure into prospecting and retargeting campaigns.
B. Regular testing: We regularly tested different elements whether it be testing out different ad angles, ad creatives or audience sets.
C. Diversification in campaigns: Testing out multiple product types with different audience sets in a single campaign helped us diversify our ad campaigns.

Refining Audiences

A. Highly Targeted Audience Sets: After testing out various audience sets, we figured out the best performing audiences and scaled further.
B. Exploiting our data sources: We used various data sources such as using custom audiences as well as lookalike audiences for retargeting campaigns.

Active Optimization on the basis of important metrics/data analysis

A. Tried and tested various number of creative angles.
B. Tested multiple products.
C. Ran ad campaigns targeting the right audience set.
D. Helped the brand with website CRO

Results Achieved


Average ROAS

4.5 Lacs

Ad Spend (Dec. – Jan)

70 lacs+

Sales per Month

Revenue Generated

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